You’ve heard God loves you. You know in your head God loves you. But the reality is, you don’t always feel loved. You’re still longing, aching to know what a perfect love feels like.

Friend, God’s love is deep. It is unchanging. It is powerful and it is personal. And it is meant to be experienced and comprehended.

Join us in the six week Bible study, ‘betrothed.’ In this six week video series & workbook, you will discover Jesus as the Bridegroom and begin to grasp the significance of the bridal mystery in Scripture; uncover ancient Jewish betrothal customs that bring insight and understanding to Jesus' words and actions; and begin to crave His return as you learn the truth about who He is and what He has promised you.

This is the invitation that changes everything!

This is a workbook, designed to be done in partnership with the video series ‘betrothed.’ The video series is sold separately.

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Up From the Ash Heap

One day. One hour. One accident. One fire. Everything had been lost in an instant. In book I of the Shideezhi Collection,after enduring the loss of her husband, Raya Applewood is faced with the dilemma of returning to the comforts of life in her father’s home or following her destitute mother-in-law back to the East – a place she said she would never go. As she’s forced to come face-to-face with the struggles of life and death, decency and character, love and shame, Up From the Ash Heap tells a timeless story of loyalty, friendship, and blessed redemption.

Yet to come in the Shideezhi Collection – By the Creek of Harod and To the Beat of a Fool’s Drum.


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The Glendale Series

The Glendale Series wrestles with the age-old dilemmas of love, faith, family, forgiveness and growing up, in a fresh story format. With relationships that grip reader’s hearts as they reflect raw realities plentiful in our society and an ending that will keep readers on the edge of their seats right up until the end, the Glendale series is one girl’s unforgettable journey to health, wholeness and joy.

Glendale - Book I

In “Glendale,” an unlikely relationship is formed when high school junior Jessica, the new girl from D.C., bumps into Joe – a good Christian boy with enough passion and conviction for them both…or so he thinks. As he walks a dangerous road, Joe makes big decisions in hopes of making his God Jessica’s. Instead, she becomes his. After a desperate fight to hold on, letting go turns out to be their salvation.

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A New Day - Book II

“A New Day” finds Jessi and Joe both in new places, and continues the unforgettable story that started in Glendale. When Jessica Cordel returns to Washington, D.C. after a magical year in Glendale, she feels like her life is over. But through the gentle love of an unexpected ally and the realization that out of death comes life, she finds that she has never truly lived…not even in Glendale. After coming to realize her need for a heavenly Savior, she spends the next several years allowing Jesus to heal her heart and make her whole, amidst the demands of school, work and family. But when her past collides with her future, will things be too different to pick up where love left off?

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Promising Forever - Book III

In “Promising Forever,” everything finally seems to be going right for Joe and Jessica, but when logic and fear go against everything Jessica’s always thought she wanted, Joe will have to take a painful look at his own dreams and desires to make a decision that is best for those he loves. With everything turning out differently than he’d ever expected, he’ll come face to face with an opportunity to imitate Christ and lay down his everything for the sake of another.

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Mothers of Glendale

The Mothers of Glendale Series tells the personal, emotional and sometimes painful stories of three special women introduced in the Glendale series. Glendale mother figures Jari, Carla and Hannah are each on their own journey, with their paths weaving together with one another (and other Glendale characters) to create a beautiful tapestry of faith, hope and unconditional love. With raw realities that women face everyday covered by the grace of a very big God, Mothers of Glendale takes you a step further than new love to the weathered and deeply beautiful land of seasoned marriages, motherhood and saying goodbye to a full life, well-lived.

One Desire - Book 1

In “One Desire,” book I of the Mothers of Glendale Series, book IV of a Glendale Novels, Jari Cordel is feeling the ache of her empty home following Jessica’s move from D.C. Faced with longings that she’s kept hidden inside for years, she’ll have to find the courage to share her hopes and dreams with her aging husband or resign herself to give them up forever. In this emotional, relational story of one woman’s plight to find the courage within, readers will keep tabs on Joe and Jessica while getting an inside look into the life of one of the most inspirational characters from The Glendale Series.

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Gray Area - Book II

In “Gray Area,” book II of the Mothers of Glendale Series, book V of the Glendale novels, Carla (Cordel) Martens is remarried with a new faith, a successful career, and is back at home in the city that she loves.

However, when a charming new partner comes to her law firm, she finds an unexpected friendship that fulfills a previously unfulfilled need. Carla soon realizes that she may not be as happy and content with her new life as she had thought. As she comes face to face with Truth and is extended an invitation that she isn’t sure she’s ready to accept, she realizes choices that are neither black nor white, have left her marriage and her character on shaky ground.  In this story of one woman’s journey to make a decision to fight for something difficult that she doesn’t necessarily want or opt for something new and exciting, readers get an inside look into the life of one of the first characters introduced in the Glendale series.

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Silver Lining - Book III

“Silver Lining,” book III of the Mothers of Glendale Series, book VI of the Glendale novels, finds Hannah Colby thoroughly enjoying life. She has a loving husband, four grown children, and a houseful of darling grandkids that are her pride and joy. However, when an unexpected storm brews in her life, her faith and that of her family, is put to the test.

With all of the characters in the Glendale novels back to help Hannah in the fight of her life, Hannah’s transformational story feels a lot like coming home.

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"I have never read a book that touched the very depths of my heart and showed the love of God and his mercy so much. Thanks GOD for devoted Christian writers such as Ann Goering."

Rosanna T.
Silver Lining

"This is the book that brought me to my knees I have never been so convicted as I was while reading this book."

Lindsey W.
Gray Area

"This series had a profound effect on my life. It made me realize some truths that were hidden in my heart and revealed where healing was needed. I highly recommend it to everyone."

Theresa G.
The Glendale Series

"I have never enjoyed or understood so much in a Bible study as I did from ‘betrothed.’ Ann’s heart is so in tune with our Bridegroom’s (Jesus’) heart as we, the bride (the church), prepare and watch for HIM. This study is a must."

Jeanne S.

"How well Ann shows us that we all have weaknesses and God can make them strengths for our benefit as well as our sisters in Christ."

The Glendale Series

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