Meet the Author

Ann Goering

Ann Goering is a four-time award winning journalist and the author of Up From the Ash Heap & The Glendale Series, which hit #2 on Amazon’s best-sellers list for Christian fiction. She’s spent the past decade working with an International Christian ministry, which has given her a heart for sharing the gospel and seeing individuals and families become healthy, happy and whole in Jesus.

Ann is passionate about helping women encounter Jesus and experience life-changing hope. Through her books, studies, speaking, and blog, she encourages and inspires Christian women to personally draw ever-closer to Christ, the Author and Finisher of their faith.

Ann loves entrepreneurship, travel, rodeos, adventure, interior design, good hair days, and reading, but her most favorite things are the people in her life.

She resides in the American Southwest with her husband and three little princesses.


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